Acofal´s accesories get the highest score in quality test.


The accesories made for Acofal were checked by corrosion test in artificial atmosphere (neutral salt spray, NSS). They got the highest score.

The trial was done by the company Ensatec, under the parameters of the standards: UNE-EN1670: 2007 / AC: 2008 (Building hardware. Corrosion resistance. Requirements and test methods) and UNE-EN ISO 9227 : 2012 (corrosion test in artificial atmospheres. Trials salt spray).

The conditions used in the interior of the chamber where the tests were conducted were:

-PH of the solution: Between 6 and 7 (measured at 25 ° C electrostatically)

-Humidifier-pressure: 1.0 kp / cm2

-Speed​​-mist recovery: 1-2 ml / hour

-Saline: NaCl 50 gl

-Temperature : 35 ° C

Our accesories got the maximun score 5:480 hours (exceptionally high resistance to corrosion) .

Thus, we continue to seek customer satisfaction with quality products and high performance in extreme weather.