Project Description

Friction Hinge for Projecting Style Windows

Reference: FS-0210 / FS-0311 / FS-0515 / FS-0615


  • Hinge – Friction stay used for proyecting windows.
  • Suitable for European Groove and 40×20.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • For his assembly in the European groove is necessary to mill the frame and wear the leaf.

Technical Features:

Maximum values for window
(Width x Height)
Maximum values for window
Opening angle
FS-0210 (8”) 1200×400 mm 15 kg 65º
FS-0311 (12”) 1500×600 mm 25 kg 90º
FS-0511 (20”) 1500×800 mm 45 kg 60º
FS-0615 (24”) 1500×900 mm 55 kg 60º

* 2 Stainless Steel, 430 and 304


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